General Information

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Primo Strings introduces ensemble performance for the young string student. Specific goals include unison playing and bowing, intonation and pitch adjustment, beginning independent sections, and musical elements. The emphasis in this string ensemble is on development of proper posture, bow grip, left hand position, intonation, and cultivating a beautiful tone. The fundamentals of good bow control and distribution will be introduced. Melodic and harmonic sight-reading skills will be developed. The student who seeks enrollment in this group should have knowledge of first position and a familiarity with letter note names. An audition consisting of playing a prepared solo of the student's choice, excerpts and scales. The students in this group will perform fine classical music arranged for their level.


Cadenza Orchestra explores advanced instruction of musical elements, technique and ensemble performance. Emphasis is placed on individual competence necessary for more difficult music. This orchestra for intermediate string and wind students focuses on ensemble training, intonation, beautiful tone production, sight-reading, and orchestral discipline. Violinists auditioning for this group should have knowledge of first and third positions and cellists should have knowledge of first and fourth positions. Wind players should be able to play major and minor scales in two octaves. An audition consisting of a prepared solo of the student's choice, excerpts and scales. The finest classical music written for young intermediate orchestra and arranged for this level will be performed.


Symphony Orchestra explores the full range of music literature, expanding members’ knowledge of composers and literature in this advanced study. Complexity of tuning and tone color is enhanced with the inclusion of winds and percussion. The Symphony Orchestra seeks motivated students who can pursue excellence through self-directed practice and who wish to perform frequently. Rehearsals will stress competence in the musical elements of phrasing, tone color, technique, and orchestral discipline. This ensemble will use standard orchestral literature. An audition consisting of a prepared solo of the student's choice, excerpts and scales.

Rehearsal Schedule

All rehearsals meet on Saturday at the Lindenwood University Cultural Center.

Cadenza Orchestra, Wm. Shane Williams, interim conductor, 9:00am-10:30am
Primo Strings, Kyla Herbert, 10:30am-12:00pm
Symphony Orchestra, Wm. Shane Williams, 11:00am-1:00pm

Lindenwood University Cultural Center, 400 North Kingshighway, St. Charles 63301
Enter the building on the Adams Street side.

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Board of Directors

Tijuanna Bryant, President
Jenina Kenessey
Khrystyne Bunselmeyer
Rob Duss
Yule Martin

Executive Director: Judy Williams


The SCCYO season runs from September to May and is a season long commitment.

Primo Strings $259.50 per season
Cadenza Orchestra $295.50 per season
Symphony Orchestra $381.00 per season

A $15.00 audition fee will be due at the audition.
A $15.00 registration fee will be added to the first tuition payment.
A $15.00 folder deposit will be added to the first tuition payment. The deposit will be refunded if the folder and music are returned in good condition.

To help with budgets a payment plan is available. Please contact staff for details.

A 35% discount will apply for siblings and if a student is accepted into more than one ensemble.

A limited number of need-based scholarships are available.


Child Protection Policy